maryjo_med_smallA  NOVEMBER to REMEMBER

                  “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” Helen Keller


NAEYC Washington, DC * Saturday, Nov. 23 at 10:00 a.m. come celebrate with me in room 146A.  I am shipping give-a-ways totaling $300.
Watch for my new hat in the halls, vendor area, and hotel *** or on the street.  Visit me in the Kaplan booth on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. and check out the
FROG STREET booth for a special appearance and great
give-a- ways.

This November is special because our family celebrates several birthdays during the month and on Nov. 11 we celebrate a grandchild’s birthday along with celebrating ALL the VETERANS who have helped keep our country a safe and proud place to live.  We salute the United States of America!



This purple heart has a place of honor in our house and was received in Vietnam by a proud Marine.  This book by Eve Bunting is an extremely SPECIAL publication.  The wall is history but when you visit you feel like it was yesterday.  When you know names and you can find them your heart hurts all over again.


young, neighbor boy named Noah asked Mr. Bill if he could interview him about
being a Veteran and they spent 1 hour together. 
Two other neighbor children brought Mr. Bill a hand colored American
flag and a thank you note.  Then on Nov.
12 the same children brought two thank you notes from 3rd graders at
Sharon Elementary to say we thank you Mr. Bill. 
My husband is a non-emotional person but he was really taken back by the children’s knowledge and interest in Veterans.  I hope all children are aware of their heritage and will ALWAYS say thank you to all Veterans. 


              This cumulative type of story is great for all ages!!!    

THE HOUSE that SANTA BUILT by AUTHOR DIANNE DE LAS CASAS is a forever on our shelves Christmas story which will truly be a classic.   It invites children to do repetitive actions and sounds.  It is rhythmic and filled with wonderful whimsical illustrations.  I am enclosing the information from the jacket flap so you can see how this book will fit into your Early Childhood curriculum and be enjoyed for everyone.  Go to www.storyconnectio.net  and look for activities that can be part of the introduction of this book. 

Dianne is one of my bestest friends who has introduced me to the ways of the bayou world in her home state of Louisiana.  She is a go-getter and always on the pulse of what is happening in this world surrounding us from picture books to politics.  Gotta love this girl with her high heels and those painted finger nails, and that forever thinking brain under that beautiful head of black hair.



Become a PICTURE BOOK MONTH Ambassador and check out the website at www.picturebookmonth.com where you will find interesting connections. 


SKYPE VISITS available in FEBRUARY, 2014 – a great chance to provide a program for children by bringing Mary Jo into your classroom, library or center.

Be thankful this holiday for all your blessings, thank a veteran, donate to a homeless veteran, share your food with someone who is hungry, help a child or a family,  and God Bless each and every one of you.  I am thankful for our connection through the Early Childhood world and hope to share a hug if you get to DC..

This Thanksgiving be thankful this holiday for all your treasures, thank a veteran, donate to a homeless veteran, share your food with someone who is hungry and God Bless each and every one of you.  I am thankful for our connection through the Early Childhood world and hope to share a hug.  This time of the year our family tries to touch each other no matter the miles and we also try to help those who don’t have what we have and I always hope we share our love of life and give a little hope along the way.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about my author friends and their great publications. For information about a Keynote, Workshop, Professional Development, Visit or SKYPE visit contact me at maryjo@storytellin.com


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