Fairy Tales DVD

Fairy Tales DVD
Join storyteller, Mary Jo Huff, and her friends as she captures the spirit of childhood in her family friendly DVD featuring Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Storytellin’ Fun! Mary Jo Huff is a multi-award-winning early childhood educator, storyteller, author, recording artist, keynote speaker and consultant devoted to children and the art of storytelling.


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fairy tales

Mary Jo HuffWhat Educators Are Saying:

“Mary Jo Huff is now among my list of influential great children’s teachers!”
— Jenny Zaeske, St. Charles, IL

“Your lively style captures the attention of audiences young and old, experienced teachers and those just entering the early childhood field. You deliver the message and the audience hears the message.”
— Dr. Jane Meyer, Associate Professor Dept. of Teacher Education University of Southern Indiana

“There need to be more people like you for our children. YOU!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious.”
— Pat Griffith, Liberty, IN

Call 1-800-213-0527 or order your copy online now!

Educational Connections:

  1. 3 Billy Goats
    • Tells a fairy tale with a new angle
    • Builds an understanding of special concepts
    • Discuss Stranger Danger
  2. Honey Jar
    • Supports rhythm and rhyme skills
    • Encourages language development
    • Uses listening and speaking skills
  3. Chicken Fun
    • Observation and imitation skills
    • Counting and listening skills
    • Developing a sense of rhythm and rhyme
  4. Mr. Wiggle & Mr. Waggle
    • Builds spatial concepts
    • Builds fine motor skills
    • Builds tracking skills
  5. Gingerbread Girl
    • Encourages critical thinking skills
    • Develops concepts of size
    • Leads to a discussion of manners
  1. Willy the Worm
    • Uses number concepts
    • Builds motor skills
    • Stresses respect for others
  2. Old Lady in the Vinegar Bottle
    • Encourages thinking skills
    • Science connection
    • Grandparent connection
  3. Little Red House
    • Builds thinking and comparison skills
    • Builds sequencing skills
    • Teaches manners and expected behaviors
  4. Modern 3 Bears
    • Develops number concepts
    • Allows self-expression
    • Encourages language development
  5. 5 Little Monkeys
    • A predictable story (children can repeat the refrain)
    • Discuss Stranger Danger
    • Fosters independence

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