Enjoy award-winning books by Mary Jo Huff and create stories and puppets to jazz up your literacy curriculum. The books are filled with new and old stories with new and innovative ideas connecting to State Standards and Core Curriculum guidelines.
SNAP, CLAP, WIGGLE and GIGGLE to the sounds of language, rhythm and rhyme. Children have fun while learning and moving.
Learn great tips and techniques of storytelling from one of the best. Here is your chance to bring award-winning author and storyteller, Mary Jo Huff into your classroom or home for all to enjoy!
These fun smiles, frowns and ears are great additions to a tool box Use them with songs, rhymes or as a transition tool.
The STORY DRUM and the CHIME are great sounds for transitioning children. They are also a great science connection to crisscross the curriculum.
Magic Story Bags
The turn bags are designed for telling a story with a simple turn of the bag. Children are captivated by the magic of the bags and you can extend the activities in many areas.
These unique puppets provide a great outlet for pure imagination and creativity. Now you can purchase your Peepers, then check the Peepers Connection for ideas to fit your curriculum and personality.
Get a puppet partner and use it as an extension of any good story. Children are mesmerized with the movement and interaction of a puppet. Connect Mary Jo’s favorite puppets with good stories and find yourself a MASCOT for your children.

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