Workshops & Author Visits

Storyteller / Author Visits

A storytelling visit and author signing can be scheduled for a half-day or a full-day. A half-day visit includes two storytelling sessions with the children. Students feel the magic in a story, while they are sharpening their listening skills and developing ideas for writing their own stories.

Students are empowered to create their own stories thus becoming a storyteller and future story writer. Children should be grouped by grade levels. Suggested Split – “Pre-K- K,” “1- 2-3,” and “4-5-6.” Splits arranged according to school classes and numbers.

Full-day visits include two storytelling sessions in the A.M. and two sessions in the P.M. These can be scheduled at one or more schools to fit your needs. No more than 4 sessions per day may be scheduled.

Family Storytelling

Mary Jo has extensive experience presenting stories for family events. Children and parents will enjoy the interactivity of this performance. Storytelling with the family becomes an alternative to countless hours of television. There is a great need to introduce new and fun ideas for family literacy and an evening of storytelling fulfills this need.

Author / Storyteller

Often an extension of the Storytelling visit, or scheduled for a second day. The workshop can be created to fit any specific time slot from 1, 2 or 3 hours after school or later in the evening. The workshop has been created to help the teacher, parent, librarian, or anyone interested in the art of storytelling, to find their niche. A TRUNK full of ideas are shared.

Library Visit

Library Storytelling visits are available for a 45-minute presentations. This event can be targeted for children only or for families. Specialty programs can be designed to fit your needs. Book autographing and a question and answer session is also available at the end of the performance.

Chicken Fun

Chicken Fun


Workshop Fun

  • “Early Literacy begins with Rhythm, Rhyme and Storytime”
  • “Storytelling with Puppets, Props and Playful Tales”
  • “Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Storytellin’ Fun!”
  • “Snap, Clap, Giggle, and Wiggle – to Musical Language”
  • “Pre-K All the Way – Having Fun with Language”

“Make & Take Workshop”

“NURTURE NATURE WITH A FIZZ AND A WIZZ” – Explore the natural world we live in while connecting stories, songs, poems and all the things kids love about their world to the science and nature state or core standards.

Available in a half-day or full-day formats. Full-day workshops include make/take session. These workshops focus on a specific season of the year.

  • Fall Frolics
  • Whimsical Winter
  • Spring Flings
  • Summer Surprises

The workshops will be centered around the stories, finger plays, poems, puppets and songs for each season. Two seasons can be highlighted in a scheduled full-day workshop. One season will be highlighted in a half-day workshop.

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