Peepers Connection



Peeper Power Puppet Book

 The PEEPER POWER puppet connection is now available. It is a copyrighted book by Mary Jo for anyone looking for a quick, fun open-ended puppet.

Peepers are so powerful and they will help you find a new and exciting way to add characters to your storytelling. Make them a house using an empty peanut butter jar or an empty chip can.

The puppets are created by Hobey Ford from Weaverville, NC.

INVITE ME to your area and we will share some new and innovative ways to use the Peepers and other puppets in your classroom or library. All children should enjoy the power of PUPPET PLAY.

Now you can ORDER online from our store. Mini, Super and Super Duper packs come with the book, PEEPERS and the famous scrunchees!

Available In The Store!

Blue Peepers

Blue Baby Peepers

Frog Peepers

Frog Peepers

White Green Peepers

White Peepers with Green Eyes

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